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food is powerful medicine!

Targeted, evidence-based eating & lifestyle changes can resolve your ailments & provide effective preventative healthcare.


Sophie Knapp,
CNS Candidate

Holistic Nutrition Counselor

address the root cause of your dis-ease for good!

There is no set-in-stone way to change your eating & lifestyle habits.


Sophie's approach prioritizes empowering you through nutrition & wellness education, compassionate listening, & working right alongside you to personalize your healing plan. Changes are implemented so that they support your individuality, personality, preferences, and values.


Together with a warmhearted, conversation- & evidence-based approach, Sophie emphasizes a thorough & trustworthy strategy for finding the true cause of your ailments. Objective data in the form of laboratory work, genetic results, & your reported signs/symptoms direct her to the underlying causes of your dis-ease state. She bases her recommendations on the breadth of reliable scientific data to ensure the safest & most effective approach.


Not ready to invest in in-depth testing? Sophie's methods can still offer abundant healing just by chatting with you. Not experiencing any ailments but are curious how to promote a long, healthy life through nutrition & lifestyle? Sophie is well-equipped to set you up for long-term preventative self-care so that you can optimize your quality of life & longevity.

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The Wellness Studio at WILLOWTREE Market

169 Winslow Way E

Bainbridge Island, WA


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