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Which conditions can you work with?

I work with all kinds of conditions. Commonly, I see clients with thyroid, digestive, autoimmune, hormonal, skin, & cardiovascular issues.

This list is limited.

Please inquire if you

don't see your




Knapp Nutrition's Mission:

I created Knapp Nutrition to help you get healthy in a way that aligns with your values while using evidence-based eating & lifestyle choices that address the root cause of your ailments.

There's no one-size-fits-all approach to wellness.


I specialize in uncovering your unique nutritive needs & help you establish eating & lifestyle practices to get you feeling your best while resolving the root cause of your health issues & preventing disease.  


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Who can you help?

I work with all populations and ages. That includes but is not limited to men, women, non-binary folks, people diagnosed with diseases, pregnant persons, teens, and


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Do you

have a

standard process?


A truly individual

approach means I get to

know you & your

situation before

determining the

best course of action.

Decisions in the course of your care plan are made in a transparent & collaborative manner with you.

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What kind

of labs do you work with?

I work with labs

performed by any of

your doctors that

you're able to share with me.

I may also order urine &/or

blood samples to test the

functioning of your metabolism,

your hormones, your genetics, &/or your gut microbiome to uncover your biological uniqueness & dig down to the root cause of your ailments.

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Why is lab testing so important?

Although it's an investment up front, testing results in savings in the end. 

With the specificity and certainty testing provides, you can stop guessing what's wrong, wasting time, energy, & money on diets, supplements, etc, & instead get on the most

personalized & optimal

healing path from the

get-go with reliable

lab results.

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What does it mean to target the root cause?

Instead of making recommendations that only provide relief from your symptoms, our work together corrects the source of where those symptoms arise from in the first place. 

This approach enables your body to heal instead of relying on ongoing medications or


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What do you mean by "evidence-


If there isn't sufficient

academic, peer-reviewed

evidence out there to

corroborate the efficacy

safety of a


then I don't make it.

My approach is rooted in the scientific method, so you can trust in me & your healing process.

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Do you accept insurance?


If the cost of my services is holding you back from improving your health by working with me, reach out to discuss creating a payment plan that's feasible

for you.

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About Sophie

A history of preventable, chronic illness in her family, her own gut health struggles, & a desire to improve athletic performance brought Sophie to the world of nutrition. While walking her personal holistic healing path, she found the most profound symptom relief came from whole food nutrition & a mindful lifestyle with lots of joyful movement. Experiencing the magic firsthand, Sophie recognizes that food & lifestyle have tremendous power to heal the body & also create a strong foundation for preventing disease & maintaining long-term health. 

Sophie is a Certified Nutritionist in Washington State with a Master's degree in Holistic Nutrition. Her education includes a Bachelor of Science in Human Physiology from the University of Oregon where she gained a strong foundation in understanding anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, cell physiology, organ systems, & how the body adapts to stress. Following her studies at UO, Sophie went on to achieve her Master of Science in Nutrition from the National University of Natural Medicine. Her graduate education was steeped in hands-on food as medicine kitchen experience, understanding our deep connections with food, the individuality of nutritional needs & applying this in a clinical setting, the importance of a holistic approach, & how nutritionists have the power to address & prevent chronic disease for individuals & communities. 

Sophie is currently a CNS Candidate and will become a Certified Nutrition Specialist in the near future, a credential involving numerous required nutrition & science courses, 1000 supervised experiential hours, & a rigorous standardized test all overseen by the American Nutrition Association

A life lived at full vitality isn't just what Sophie teaches, it's what she embodies. When she's not celebrating the delicious flavors of healthy food in the kitchen or nerding out on the most recent nutrition research, you can find her nature bathing, climbing a rock, surfing a wave, exploring a new artistic medium, or moving intentionally through a breath-driven yoga practice.


The Process

Sophie offers a free 20-minute Discovery Meeting to anyone interested in working with her! During this time, she & you can determine if nutrition counseling & health coaching are a good fit for your needs & if you'll be a good fit for each other.

Following your Discovery Meeting, Sophie will get you set up with a 90-minute Intake Consult. At that time, she'll provide you with a New Client Form to fill out & return, & she'll ask you to send over any laboratory results you have from previous doctors' visits so she can gain a better understanding of your health picture. 

During the hour & a half Intake Session, you'll discuss what ails you & how you'd like your health to improve. She'll go through the details of your health history, learn about your preferences, & ask you about your day-to-day life to gain insight into who you are as a person & what the root causes of your dis-ease may be. This in-depth interview helps to establish personalized health goals & get you started with approachable recommendations that will guide you along your path to achieving them.


Sophie is likely to recommend specific laboratory testing to further elucidate & verify the root cause(s) of your symptoms & be able to make evidence-based, individualized, & highly targeted recommendations in a personalized nutrition plan for you.


Though the cost of specialized testing can cost a pretty penny, it's well worth the investment! Without it, the healing process can take months or years of guessing & checking to uncover what's truly wrong. When using the "testless method," a vast majority of folks end up spending months or more implementing the associated diet/lifestyle change, wasting time, energy, & money on appointments, supplements, cookbooks, diet plans, etc. The tests Knapp Nutrition offers enable us to remove the guesswork & see very clearly what's happening in your body. You'll get healthier faster & for less money in the long run.

After your initial meetings together, Sophie will book one-hour follow-ups with you as needed to monitor how your nutrition plan is working & make necessary adjustments until your goals are reached. Clients find the most success & achieve lasting change when they meet with a nutritionist at least 3 times. 

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Wellness Studio

Though Sophie offers virtual consults via Zoom, she also practices in the Wellness Studio at WILLOWTREE Health Market. Located upstairs of the retail store, this space offers a private, comfortable, & professional setting. To help prevent the spread of coronavirus, air is HEPA-filtered, & both Sophie & her clients have the option to wear masks during their appointment.  
& remember, if you're on the Seattle side of the water, this location is just a walk-on ferry ride away! Read more about the Wellness Studio & the other natural healing modalities offered in the space.

Virtual appointments are offered too at increased availability.



Appointments can be canceled free of charge if done 24 hours or more before the scheduled appointment. Canceling within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment will result in a fee equal to half the cost of the scheduled appointment. A fee of $75 is charged for late cancellation of an intake appointment, and $50 is charged for late cancellation of a follow-up appointment.

No shows:

A “no show” is defined as a client failing to notify Knapp Nutrition of their inability to attend an appointment and not showing up for the appointment. There is a grace period of 14 minutes, meaning a client can be up to 14 minutes late for an appointment without incurring any additional charges. However, if a client is 15 minutes or more late for a scheduled appointment, they will be charged equal to half the cost of the scheduled appointment. A fee of $75 is charged for “no show” for an intake appointment, and $50 is charged for “no show” for a follow-up appointment.


Failure to complete a New Client Form and/or submit signatures on Clinical Policy forms at least 24 hours prior to the start of an appointment will result in a fee equal to half the cost of the appointment. 

Late payments:

Clients have 2 weeks (14 days) after receiving an invoice from Knapp Nutrition to pay the balance without incurring any additional charges. If after 2 weeks the invoice has not been paid in full, on day 15, the start of week 3, a fee of 25% of the original invoice amount will be added to the total invoice amount owed. If an additional week passes and the invoice is still not paid in full, on day 22, the start of week 4, an additional 25% of the original invoice amount will be added again. This pattern will continue until the invoice total has doubled at which point additional charges will cease. 

For example: 

An invoice is sent to a client on June 1 for the amount of $100. 15 days later, on June 16, the client has not paid the invoice, so a fee of 25% of $100 will be added to the total amount owed, bringing that total to $125. 

If another week passes and the invoice is still not paid, on day 22, June 23, the total amount due will increase again to $150. 

If the invoice is still not paid by day 29, June 30, the total invoice amount becomes $175.

If 6 weeks go by after the original invoice date and the client still has not paid their invoice, then the total will double the original invoice amount to become $200, and the invoice total will not increase any further. 

Clients with outstanding invoices that are 6 weeks or more old will not be able to book any services with Knapp Nutrition until the outstanding amounts are paid in full.

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