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What's a GI Map?

Did you know that there are billions of microbes coexisting symbiotically with us that reside in our intestines & line all of our organs, including our skin!?

Wait, what?

Let’s break that down…

What, or really, who are these microbes? They’re bacteria, viruses, fungi, & more, & together they comprise what’s called the human microbiome. Although we’re accustomed to viewing these itty bitty organisms as foe, it turns out that a vast majority of them are actually our friends.

There’s approximately ten microbial cells for every one human cell in the body, & we literally could not live without these guys. They interact with each other & with us to create a thriving ecosystem within (& on) the body. All these teeny tiny friends that make up the microbiome carry out essential functions like aiding in digestion by breaking down compounds our bodies can’t on their own, producing tremendously beneficial compounds that are critical for maintaining good health, & assisting the immune system by helping ward off harmful microbes, just to name a few.

Scientific research on this subject has boomed in the last twenty years thanks to technological advancements & a growing interest due to its significant relationship to overall human health. One of the key discoveries made in recent years is that there's a broad range of microbiome compositions deemed healthy by the scientific community. Although many different microbes can be healthy for a variety of folks, there are some universally bad actors that you really don’t want to be present in your system. Additionally, under certain circumstances, microbiota that are beneficial in a healthy body can become pathogenic under unhealthy conditions.

For example, stress &/or poor diet, especially one laden with simple carbs & processed foods, can cause symptoms like mood swings, fatigue, skin rashes, irregular/painful menstruation, brain fog, headaches, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, & so much more. These symptoms can indicate conditions like Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), leaky gut, dysbiosis, hormone imbalance & more.

The tricky thing is that the symptoms described can be evidence of any one of the conditions listed, so how can we pinpoint what the root cause of the problem is? We need a roadmap to the root cause; we need a GI Map!

The GI Map is a lab test taken at home that reports the precise composition of microbes living in your gut. It’s immensely helpful for uncovering why you’re experiencing your particular array of symptoms by mapping out exactly who's in your microbiome. From there, we can narrow down which condition(s) you’re dealing with, pinpoint the microbes that are causing issues, & work to correct them in an efficient & targeted manner using evidence-backed supplements & botanicals coupled with eating & lifestyle change.

Without the help of the Map, it’s next to impossible to know with certainty what the exact root cause of symptoms is, & that often means guessing what’s wrong & using a shotgun approach of recommendations to try to chase the solution.

Even if symptoms subside using this guess & check method, it usually remains unclear if the root cause was addressed. It’s very likely that the issue is still present & that the shotgunned recommendations are putting a band-aid over the real problem. Unfortunately, those types of solutions are often temporary & can result in complications down the road. That’s why it’s so important to identify & address the root cause as early as possible. It spares you from prolonged suffering as well as from spending excess time, energy, & often money too.

So how does the test work?

Knapp Nutrition will order a GI Map Test Kit from Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory to be delivered straight to your doorstep. Then, you follow the very easy, illustrated instructions included in a single-page handout to collect a stool sample–embrace this awkward & uncomfortable time of poking a probe into your stool as a character-building experience… Then you freeze your sample, pack it back up (all materials are included in the test kit), & ship it back to the lab (shipping label included). You can even call FedEx to have them pick it up directly from your doorstep if that’s more convenient than taking it to a pick-up location. The lab has made this process so easy!

Though you could order this test directly from the laboratory, it’s advantageous to order it through Knapp Nutrition as I offer a 10% discount on the retail price. In addition to paying for the test itself, you’ll need a professional to interpret the results for you. I charge a $200 interpretation fee & an additional $150 for the 1.5-2 hour appointment we spend meeting to discuss your results & the recommendations you’ll take action on to correct the findings. The total cost of this process is $760, & you aren’t sent that invoice until after our meeting to go over results.

If you’d like more information about the GI Map, you can schedule a FREE 20-minute Discovery Call with me (Sophie) by sending me an email, giving me a call, or booking directly through my website under the Book Online tab on the main menu. You can also read more by visiting Diagnostic Solutions’ website.

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